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TopSugarDesign Blog

Posted by on Aug 30, 2013 .
The cake decorations, including the icing figures, icing flowers, different sugar figures and sugar flowers  are subject to true creativity. The combinations of colors, shapes and materials can admire every connoisseur of beauty. Thanks to the wonderful sugar figures, sugar flowers and edible photos, your cake becomes a work of art that makes the feelings of joy and awe to emerge in you and fulfill your heart. Creating the cake decorations, our professionals put all their heart and soul and unfold their full creative potential. The decorators of cake decorations are actually true artists who express themselves through the sugarcraft...

Posted by on Aug 30, 2013 .
For each wedding, the wedding cake and the rituals regarding it are an important part and it should be paid a good attention. There are a number of things that have to be taken in consideration when choosing a cake, such the taste of the cake, the size and the floors of the same, but one of the most important one is the design of the cake. It is sure that the guests will remember the cake and because of this it has to be really a special one. You can choose to design your cake with an edible photo of you and your loved one, or to decorate it with a beautiful icing figures and icing flowers, and no matter of your choice, your wedding cake...

Posted by on Aug 30, 2013 .
One of the most special days of the year is one's birthday. That is why when preparing for the birthday party you have to pay attention on the choice of the birthday cake. Choosing the filling of the cake is one of the easiest parts, but when it comes to make the choice of the cake decorations you have to be very precise in case you want to impress your guests or the guests of your beloved ones.

If you have to prepare a birthday party for your children, we can help you to select cake decorations which will in any case make your kid full of joy. There are a huge variety of options for making the perfect birthday cake decorating,...

Posted by on Aug 30, 2013 .
Edible photos – an easy way to make your cake a special one

Using an edible photo for cake decorating is a quick and easy way to make the cake a very special one for the celebrating person and also for the guests.

When comes to choosing an edible photo for decorating a cake, there are a wide range of varieties and the options are really many.

Depending on the kind of celebration, you have to choose the appropriate edible photo. If the cake is for celebrating Saint Valentine's day and you want it to be a special present for you loved one, a photo of two of you will be a perfect choice for decorating the cake. When choosing a...

Posted by on Aug 30, 2013 .
Confectionery in recent years has established itself as a true art. The experts in the field create products as masterpieces closer to the master performances of musicians and artists. The products for the confectionery allow confectioners to unleash their imagination and dress it in real pictures. Cake decorations are no longer just a piece of the cake, but an important emphasis that never go unnoticed. Sugar figures, icing flowers and edible photos are already traditional decorations for occasions and without occasions.

The bouquet of flowers for your loved lady no longer stands in the vase but decorates the specially designed for...